Eben Ayra C1

About a week ago I visited Eben Raidho for a dedicated demonstration of their new Ayra C1 loudspeaker. This was quite nice as it was before any reviews had been made.
The session lasted several hours and was performed competently by Lars Christensen. This was my first dedicated demonstration

The thing that surprised me about this speaker is it’s ability to present a soundstage that is wide, high, quite deep, clean, neutral and homogenous – throughout the spectrum. It uses a bandtweeter and so the speakers are angled, but the stereoimage is wide. The result is that you feel as if before a very large live event.

In particular we heard some classical works where flutes and violin was so clean and separation so good that it was truely blissful. The performance established a new level of realism.

As a bonus, the new loudspeaker actually looks sweet compared to other models in the Eben catalog, which, dare I say, look somewhat hideous, sorry Eben!

The common denominator of Eben is an open clear soundstage but the Ayra C1.0 excels at a well-balanced very open soundscape with extreme detail, clarity and lack of distortion.

Some of the “older” Eben models, while having many qualities are not as much my cup of tea – they’re simply too powerful. I feel blown away. The Ayra C1.0 however, is a speaker I can fully enjoy. I was told that I might have problems returning to dome tweeters after the session and how right that was!

The new Eben Ayra C1 is the first Eben speaker to use Eben produced drivers exclusively. The new bas/mid driver is a large unit surrounded by powerful neodymium magnets.

I recommend hearing it, if you get the chance.



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One Response to Eben Ayra C1

  1. Bent Rasmussen says:

    I said the other Eben models sounded too powerful. I should add that the volume was pumped up, but still, the Ayra C1 sounds very different with similar volume levels, and when you want to turn up the volume, I’m sure I’d prefer the Ayra C1.

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