Frank Hamann

Today I visited a small audio dealer in Flensburg, Germany, close to the Danish-German border, Frank Hamann. I had a nice demo session, with a very friendly owner and some interesting products. Hamann deals with several brands but with a focus on MBL products. The shop is a nice cozy place with time to delve into listening experience.
I must admit I was not impressed by the MBL speakers, but MBL’s other products were still interesting to me, and I hope to visit the shop another time and also listen to some of the other speakers and other products. In particular the MBL amplifiers and CD players.
Flensburg has been quite a “dead” place with respect to high-end / hi-fi for some time. But just this year two new audio shops have opened. So, being close to the Danish-German border, it has become quite an interesting city for southern Danes to visit. This is compounded by the fact that we often cross the border in order to get cheap beer, liquer and candy!

To sum up, Flensburg has become a more interesting place for audiophiles recently and I can now recommend visiting it new experiences.

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