The Danish company NewClassD (NCD), has made an interesting amplifier that looks promising. This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) component and so the quality is quite high for what you pay. The only downside, or upside, if you will, is that you have to assemble it yourself.

The NewClassD amplifier has features such as

  • Dual Slope Nano Alignment for Ultra Low Distortion (<0.002%).
  • User choice of local or global feedback loop.
  • Risc Controller keeps each amplifier under full Software Control.
  • Effective Safety System, based on ‘Seismic’ Sensors, without current limiting resistors.
  • New Advanced Ferrite Core with very low THD and hysterisis loss.
  • Power Supply with 12 Fast Recovery Diodes and 4 layer PCB.

The microprocessor is very interesting! Here is a particular interesting part

“A Black Box function is implemented in the chip. If a module is shipped back
for service, we can use the internal datafile, to follow the events from the
last 2 hours of operation.”

Now that is cool!

An amplifier with its own black box! Clever, my dear Watson, clever!

So how does it look? See for yourself

There is a beautiful case that comes along with the kit (well, you can opt-out, if you want)

I’m going to watch for reviews of this amplifier!



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2 Responses to NewClassD

  1. Bent Rasmussen says:

    It’s not an advertisement – it’s a preemptive enthusiastic reception!

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