Pulse is a series with references to special music.

Dune Spice Opera This is an album created for a game. It took years after I stopped playing the game before I found this album. I didn’t play the version of the game that this music was published for, I only played the Amiga version. The Amiga music was in module format (mod) and was very low fidelity compared to the Compact Disc release. The game has a fantastic intro that is very cool combined with the music.

The music is spacey, ambient and melodic – combined with some middle-eastern influences. After all, the game takes place in the desert, and is clearly influenced by the middle east and real world events from the time the game was made. The music was composed by Stéphane Picq and Philip Ulrich.

Mosaik This is a Swedish musician. In the course of the years he has had several aliases, most famously Radix. He has been an active demo scene musician for several years. On his home page you can find some of his most recent works. The music is a sort of ambient electronica with an element of monotony and minimalism, but it is also melodious. It is freely downloadable, so you can see for yourself if this pretty special music appeals to you.

Don’t Give Up This is a Chicane / Bryan Adams cooperation hit single. I have an affinity for this kind of music. It has a very fluent style with a semi-climatic progression. I suppose it is a sort of recipe style, but anyway, it is well done. Bryan Adams sings on it, and as usual he sings in a very cool fashion. This time his voice has been processed with an effect. Recommended!



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