Political Spin

So it appears a remark by Barack Obama has been turned against him in US media and so also in CNN USA – at least by being completely mindless and with no common sense attitude to “journalism”.

The problem is that an innocent remark has been turned into a blown-out-of-proportion negatively charged one. It’s political spin at its worst. I have trouble believing anyone could not see through this shallow attack.

It takes only a simple remark such as this and then the whole debate revolves around one word. Obama is no longer a man of the people, but an elitist politician. That in spite of his policies compared to republican politicians (and McCain).

This truly shows that speaking to the lowest common denominator works. The media wohn’t step in (and be labelled biased). There is no minimum of common sense, it appears.

To top it off, Clinton and supporters tries to portray this as a weakness that the republicans could exploit in the race, if Obama were to become the democratic candidate: how ironic it is then, that this is exactly what the Clinton campaign is doing, on false premises at that.

It is this sort of behavior which shows if a politician is honest or just speaks surface. And so far Clinton and McCain has a lot of surface. I think Clinton and McCain will be a new Bush term, but we’ll see…

It’ll never be possible to say what is the best candidate, not even in hindsight, since only one choice is possible, but I’m becomming increasingly biased. Nonetheless, this is a matter for the American politicians to spin, the American people to decide and for the rest of the world to watch.

If these were products, I’d complain about false labelling.


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