A survey of spam on Twine

I’m still a fairly active user on Twine.com but have begun submitting an increasing number of spam reports It appears than the percentage of interesting twines (on any topic!) is decreasing – fast.

I suspect the detached new twines page is a major reason for the loss of high quality content by dedicated users coupled with an increasing amount of spam. The reason I believe this is that the new twines page was a great way to easily scan new content and find interesting twines and members. Now one has to do an explicit search with a list result. It’s usable, but doesn’t display as many results per page and not as easily scannable – which counts in this world of 140 character posts and 1 bit thought publishing.

As an experiment, I set out to find out just how much spam was at a random point in time (now) and this is what I found.

spam on twine

Now an explanation. The red strokes are quite clear cases of spam. The yellow cases are spamish – it may be cases where there is some actually useful content or the content isn’t targetted spam even if commercial in nature. The faint strokes are either confusing twines or twines that are trivial and irrelevant for more or less anyone.

Now tell me that picture does not look bleak – but you be the judge. I hope Twine.com will push anti-spam methods forward and get the situation under control, along with reattaching the new twines page.


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5 Responses to A survey of spam on Twine

  1. fishead says:

    interesting observation xo, and I agree–there has been a significant drop in ‘interesting’ content AND participation. New users don’t seem to quite “get it” either. Twine has become just another passive feed medium for many–all one-way–just viewers and not participants.

    Hopefully new directions will address these issues and bring Twine back towards something more relevant and useful.

  2. xosfaere says:

    I don’t have the first clue about the new directions, they are secret 🙂

  3. xosfaere says:

    For the record: This was Twine 1.0; I don’t know about Twine 2.0, also I don’t know about the current state of Twine 1.0.

  4. xosfaere says:

    By the way, there is now a Consumer and Developer Preview of Twine 2.0, you can find the videos on YouTube.

  5. xosfaere says:

    Twine is now dead. Bought by Evri and shut down.

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