Console Extension Methods 1/2

Console applications have one problem that occur in just about every console application: parameter parsing. And so when designing a couple of console applications, I came up with some extension methods to deal with this problem in more or less the easiest possible way there is.

I’m too lazy to explain in detail how it all works, but the code is not complex, so it is quite straightforward to see.

First let’s see how a console application might be called

consolation.exe /optimize /max:13,5

Second, some example code to project the string arguments into well-typed values

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var optimize = args.Argued("optimize");
        var max = args.Argument<decimal>("max");
        // ...

I cannot see how one could simplify this much further. It is also possible to just parse out parameters as strings with no type argument. I have an idea though – that’s for the next post. – The C# source code

Enjoy 🙂


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