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Illustrations, I love them. Today, I caught some great ones in the net. 1. Language Integrated Query (Linq) The dutch company Solid Innovator made this quite beautiful illustration of the standard Linq sequence operators. Download the PDF at Solid Innovator. … Continue reading

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There are many ideas for integration of operating systems and browsers. I’ve a couple of ideas about how to make the integration more seamless. First of all, it is worth noting that in Windows 7, Microsoft has made Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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Semantics Anno 2008

There is a trend that opposites meet and converge to become hybrids. Single-paradigm programming languages become multi-paradigm programming languages [static meets dynamic, procedural meets declarative, etc] Devices become Swiss knife equivalents: a mobile phone that is also PC, a TV, … Continue reading

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Unbox This! – Don Box On Code & Data

Don Box (with Chris Anderson as a sidekick) had an interesting (if vague) talk on Lang.Net 2008. In the talk Don Box shows a historical perspective on code vs data and how modelling has been used over time. Lang.Net Conference … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Audio

Several months ago, in fact back in the summer of 2007, I wrote an article about Windows Vista Audio, based on the available information and my interpretation of it. It’s not fully comprehensive, but may give you a glimpse into … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Audio

I have an article comming up about Windows Vista Audio. It sums up everything I’ve learned about Vista audio with diagrams collected from Microsoft documentation and blogs. It doesn’t dive deeply into every aspect, but in some aspects it dives … Continue reading

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